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With all the buzz going on in the housing market, many homeowners are scrambling to make sure they've checked all the boxes buyers want to be checked. One of those is curb appeal. A property with great curb appeal can put around seven percent more money in the seller's pocket. What does curb appeal have to do with address stones? Landscaping stones are an essential piece of the curb appeal puzzle. In this article, we'll show you how to choose the best stones and share several address stone ideas. Read on and this popular landscaping trend. Why Choose Stone House Numbers? If you'd visited Paris, France, back in 1512, you might have noticed parts of the city had a house numbering system. It wasn't designed to help find a friend's house. Instead, house numbers identified property ownership. By 1770, residents living in the Hapsburg Empire had black numbers painted on their homes to help the government keep track of homes where military members lived. They used paint made from oil and boiled bones. Today, the materials used to make house numbers include brass, stainless steel, wood, clay, and terra-cotta tile. Natural stone is a beautiful alternative! When you choose house numbers made from natural stone, you'll enjoy many advantages that other materials can't offer. The benefits include: Strength and durability Insect and pest resistance Low maintenance Unique textures and characteristics Address stones are tough enough to withstand water, wind, and fire. Stone isn't susceptible to the appetites of termites and other pests. When you buy stone house numbers, there's no need to re-paint or refinish the surface. Your address stone will be unique. Natural stone comes in various textures, and you likely won't find the same characteristics in any two pieces. Next, we'll explore the unique features of address stones. Natural Stone Stands Out in the Crowd Next time you drive through a neighborhood, take note of the different types of house numbers. Most people choose conservative designs. You make your home stand out when you buy natural stone house numbers. Landscaping stones draw attention when people drive or walk by the house. It's not only the natural beauty that attracts the eye but the fact that you don't see address stones on every neighbor's property. Yours will be one of the few! You can customize and personalize address stones to make them even more unique. Some people choose to personalize with their name, while others prefer a meaningful image or phrase that they have etched into the stone's surface. Address Stones as Yard Decorations If you've ever had a home built, you may remember when the builder cleared your land to prepare for building. Maybe they discovered a few boulders during the excavation. If they did, did you request that they leave the boulders alone? Some homeowners want to keep the boulders because they see the value of turning them into yard decorations. If a person doesn't know much about landscaping, the results of their labor may be nothing more than a big rock plopped in the yard, surrounded by gravel, plants, and flowers. A customized address stone, on the other hand, adds a design element that looks attractive and helps people locate your home. There's nothing as resourceful as multipurpose lawn décor. All About Fonts for Address Stones When you're preparing to order a customized address stone, one thing you'll need to decide is what font will look best. Most stonework companies offer a selection of font styles. You may be familiar with Times New Roman, a popular serif-style font used in many printed documents. Times New Roman is also used as a font for engraving address stones. You might like Onyx, a display typestyle used in advertising during the 1940s. If you're into vintage cars—or old appliances—you'll recognize Magneto. It's a streamlined, geometric script often used back then to create chrome-strip lettering found on automobile trunks and refrigerators doors in the 1940s and 1950s. Script fonts also look lovely on address stones. When you use a script font, you can choose one with either a casual or formal look. Your personal preference and the design of your home's exterior will help determine which font you select. Most stonework companies have samples on display, which will help you envision what each font will look like on your unique address stone. Trending Address Stone Ideas Another thing that makes your address stone stand out is what you engrave on it. You can have just about anything engraved, but if you're using it solely as an address marker, you can go with the house number or include the full address. Some people like to display their family name and engrave it on a landscaping stone along with the address. If you have a family crest, some landscaping stone suppliers can include it on your stone. Aside from the different things you can engrave, you can also choose where to place your address stone. What about setting your stone close to the street where you can use it as a curb marker? You could put it on a stone wall and use it as ledge stone. Another popular location for an address stone is on a stoop or porch step. You can also place the stone directly on the lawn in front of the house. You might not realize it, but you're not limited to using natural stone to display your address. Many people use natural stone markers to honor beloved pets. Whatever way you choose to display your natural stone house numbers, you'll add a bit of flair to your neighborhood. And if you're preparing to sell your home, an address stone could increase your home's curb appeal. Order Your Address Stone Today Whether updating your landscaping or preparing to list your home on the real estate market, an address stone adds a unique touch to your outdoor décor. Natural stone is strong, easy to maintain, and doesn't attract pests. It can also help improve the appearance of your home's exterior. Don't forget the curb appeal! Order your address stone from B&B Stonework. We use the highest quality granite to create beautiful, customized landscaping stones. Our customers love how our address stones enhance the beauty of their homes. You can also contact us directly with any questions.

Your yard is more than just a patch of grass that surrounds your house. It is an open landscape, a blank canvas on which you can paint your personality. Nothing emulates a person's interests quite like personalized yard stones. Personalized yard stones are large chunks of granite or other sturdy rocks in which an engraver creates a work of art that reflects the owner. But exactly how do you build a landscape around your personalized rock? And exactly how do you decide what to put on your stone? By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand the different types of personalized stones that exist and will have an idea of how to build your landscape around them. Name Stones When we think of engraved stones, we typically think of name stones or tombstones. A personalized stone is not a gravestone. It does not mark where a person is buried, but rather, it has engraved names of the home's residents on it. You can have beautiful name stones that mark your residence. The stone can include the name of you and your significant other or the members of your entire family. Perhaps you'd just like a monogram of your last name on the stone. You can also have stones with clear signage on them, such as a no-soliciting yard stone. If you want to make the stone personal, look into having your favorite sports team logo engraved on the stone or your anniversary date. No matter how you do it, the name stone will be personal to you and the others who live in your home. Any visitor who comes will immediately know if they have the right house. Address Stones Why settle for numbers on your home or residence when you can have your address engraved on an address stone? The stone can have your house numbers engraved on it so delivery men know they have the right address, and you have a showpiece in your yard. Additionally, you can show off your strong beliefs. For example, you can get a stone with a thin blue line granite stone or a personalized stone with an eagle and flag. Decor Stones Personalized stones are not just functional, but they are beautiful. You can use a personalized fireman engraved stone or a personalized pet marker stone as a decor stone that is the center of your landscaping. A decor stone of dark, shiny granite will create a natural ambiance in your flower garden or front yard landscaping. The stone will look and wear naturally because it is organized. But it will also stand out because of the customized engraving on it. Marker Stones Personalized stones can also be marker stones. You can remember loved ones or lost pets. You can even personalize the stone with things like a ribbon if your loved one died of cancer. You can also include words with images on the marker stone. Picture the words "Never Forgotten" or a favorite, inspirational saying the loved one used to say. With such a stone, you keep your loved one's memory alive for all who visit your home. Firepit Stones A personalized firepit stone will give you a showpiece for your backyard and patio as well as a great place for friends and family to hang out. The base of the firepit consists of heavy stone or granite engraved with your last name or whatever else you'd like on it. Granite has unmatched durability as one of the hardest rocks in existence. So if you purchase a firepit stone, you can hope for a showpiece that lasts for decades to come. Plus, the stone makes for a beautiful showpiece you can see from quite a distance away. Making a Garden Around Your Stone To truly showcase whatever kind of personalized yard stone you purchase, you can create a garden around it. If you have a marker stone, you can create a garden with the stone as the centerpiece of it. Here's a basic guide on how to create such a space. First, choose the space. If you plan on having plants in your garden, consider what kind of shade the plants may need, and plan the garden accordingly. Next, determine the border you will use with the garden. You can create a stone border, a raised bed, or even a border of bricks. Look around your yard for a natural material if you're trying to save money. Then, create the border with the materials. Bury the border partway in the dirt so it stays firm After you've created your border, prepare the space. Pull weeds, and lay down a weed barrier if necessary. Fill the space with rich soil made from compost or other like materials so your plants have a head start from the beginning. Then plan out your flowers and plants. Use a piece of paper to sketch out where you'll put the flowers and the marker stone. Think about the colors of the flowers and how you can add pops of color among the neutral green of plants. Then set out the remembrance decor. You can have a bench, a garden book, a stake, and, of course, your stone. Think about how you can use a trellis in the garden over the bench, so you have a little natural shade while you sit and remember your loved ones. Finally, enjoy your space. Add new flowers each year to make the space more colorful, and spend time tending it to make it a meaningful spot. Seek Personalized Yard Stones Personalized yard stones give you a place for your address, beliefs, and memories. You can remember loved ones or pets with the words you have engraved on the marker stone. You can also simply have a showpiece in front of your yard that carries your house numbers. Are you looking for a way to make your property stand out? If so, contact us. Our engravers are ready to create the natural granite stone for your yard today.

Add Personalization to Your Outdoor Space With Decor Stones Shop Our Selection of Decor Stones Made From High-Quality Granite. Personalized Yard Stones Made in the USA At B&B Stonework, all our products are made in the United States at our Illinois facility. We use natural granite to make our marker stones, ensuring you receive a durable product that'll last for many years. Whether looking for a gift for a loved one or a way to brighten up your outdoor space, you're guaranteed to find a superior product at B&B Stonework. Name Stones Personalize one of our decor stones with your family's last name. Address Stones Make it easy for people to find your home with a customized address stone. Decor Stones Include any message or image of your choosing on a decorative stone. Marker Stones Pay homage to your family's beloved pet with a marker stone. Firepit Stones Receive a personalized engraved firepit to customize your outdoor space. Multiple Customization Options You can customize your decor stone to your specifications, from images to text. We offer a variety of fonts for you to choose from, including: • Magneto • Onyx • Times New Roman • Vladimir Script • Brush Script MT Durable Products That Last a Lifetime At B&B Stonework, we use only the best materials when crafting your decor stone. We carefully polish the designs on your stone. We can ship your stone anywhere in the United States for free. Browse Our Selection of Customized Decor Stones At B&B Stonework, we take pride in each order that we fulfill. Shop our selection of decor stones today. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Did you know that 58% of people spend at least 30 minutes each day outside? From going for walks to relaxing on your patio, being outdoors is a great way to boost your mood. However, the time you spend outside shouldn't be inhibited by the weather. A custom fire pit is ideal for staying warm on your patio during the winter and fall months. Fire pits aren't just for when it's cold outside. Custom stone fire pits provide homeowners with numerous benefits. This guide will discuss the top eight benefits of installing a custom fire pit at your home. 1. Enjoy Your Fire Pit All Year Long It doesn't have to be chilly outside to enjoy your firepit. A custom outdoor firepit is lovely to enjoy on a mild summer or spring night. Lighting it up during summer also helps keep pesky bugs away. 2. Create an Inviting Atmosphere The glow from custom fire pits increases the ambiance in your outdoor space, just like lights and candles do. Fire pits create a comforting environment that your guests will want to gather around. There are numerous health benefits you can enjoy from sitting around a fire. These benefits include: Relaxation Reduced blood pressure Community connection People gathered around their community's fire pit in the olden days. They'd tell stories and share information. Fire provided them with a protected place to cook and socialize with one another. 3. Natural Light Source Many backyards don't have a lot of lighting fixtures installed. That can make it challenging to stay outside to cook or socialize. Custom fire pit rings provide you with a natural light source. You can enjoy the warmth and relaxation the fire offers while also being able to see everything around you. 4. Customize Your Backyard A custom fire pit can easily fit into any balcony, backyard, or patio. Fire pits are a fantastic way to customize your backyard. No matter your space size, you can have a fire pit that creates a focal point. There are also multiple ways you can fuel your fire pit. Many people like to use wood-burning fire pits. These fire pits are convenient since they don't have to get hooked up to a fuel source. Remember that not every city or area will allow a wood-burning fire pit on your property. Wood-burning firepits also risk floating embers that can spark a fire. Propane fire pits are another common type. You can quickly move them around and light them. A propane fire pit is also smokeless, which is a good option if you live with someone with allergies. You might want to explore natural gas fire pits if you have a connection in your outdoor space. You'll need to work with a professional if you decide to go down that route. 5. You Can Cook on It While the primary purpose of a custom fire pit is to provide heat and light, you can cook some food items on it. Many people choose to pop a marshmallow on a stick to roast over the flames. You can also put a grill plate on the top of the fire pit to cook other food items. Some other tools you'll need to cook over your fire pit include: Sticks Tinfoil Pans Pots Grill grates If you decide to cook on your fire pit, you'll want to be mindful of grease and other debris dripping down. 6. Increase Your Home's Value Adding custom features to your home is a great way to increase its value. When it's time for you to sell, potential homeowners will like that there's already a fire pit installed. Many people look for homes that have relaxing outdoor spaces with unique amenities. They'll be willing to pay extra for your house, knowing it has a unique feature. 7. Instant Entertainment Space As we said earlier, a custom fire pit will create a focal point in your outdoor space. Your home's entertaining space will get extended as your guests have an additional place to gather. You can customize the area more by surrounding the fire pit with a built-in bench or sofa. 8. Cost-Effective The cost of your fire pit depends upon your customization options. A custom fire pit comes in many materials, sizes, and shapes. How much you want to spend depends upon your budget and design aesthetic. For example, you can design your entire outdoor space around your fire pit. You can include professional architecture and intricate stonework. Building custom furniture around the firepit will increase the cost as well. Safety Tips to Keep in Mind Fire pits are safe when they're used for their intended purpose. Propane and natural gas fire pits are very safe. Wood-burning fire pits are also safe. You must consider the risk of floating embers coming out of the flames. Keep the below safety tips in mind when operating your fire pit: Use on level ground Don't use below a man-mad or organic overhang Keep 10-20 feet away from flammable objects and plants Abide by your town's fire safety laws Educate your kids about fire safety Don't use a custom wood-burning fire pit on a patio or deck Keep a hose or bucket of sand nearby Using your fire pit responsibly will ensure the safety of everyone involved. Improve Your Outdoor Space With a Custom Fire Pit A custom fire pit can breathe new life into your outdoor space. Give your guests a place to gather during your next party. At B&B Stonework, we can make your fire pit even more special. Get a personalized engraved natural granite fire pit delivered to your home. Engrave it with your family's name, address, or another type of message. Browse our selection of custom name stones and other items at B&B Stonework.

Did you know that your home's curb appeal can increase its value by 5-11%? Your home's front porch is a great way to show your personality while improving the appearance of your house. Depending upon the season, there are endless front porch decorating ideas. Your home's outdoor space is an opportunity to increase your liveable space. No matter how big or small your front porch is, you can add additional seating, accessories, and plants to bring the area to life. We've gathered some of our favorite front porch ideas to explore with your home. You'll love our front porch decorating ideas, from decor stones to holiday themes. Explore the Rustic Theme Rustic decor can help you get a cozy, farmhouse feel on your front porch. Porches in the country are often filled with vintage items, beautiful flowers, and wooden details. Incorporating bright flowers will make your home feel ready for spring and summer. Adding a wreath to your front door is another way to customize your space. You can swap out your wreath throughout the year to celebrate the seasons and holidays. Your wreath can also include a friendly greeting that welcomes guests to your space. Incorporate outdoor furniture into your rustic theme as well. Subtle colors like black, grey, or brown are ideal for neutral seating options. Complete your scene with some distressed lanterns where you can set a candle. Incorporate the Modern Farmhouse Theme One of our favorite modern front porch ideas is a modern farmhouse. The modern farmhouse is filled with homey and cozy vibes. A great way to bring the modern farmhouse theme to life is by framing your front door with olive trees. Olive trees are in style. They also get a Mediterranean vibe. Keep in mind that olive trees can be challenging to grow. You might not have any olives sprouting off of the branches. Explore faux olive trees that look great no matter the climate. Create a Classic Porch Your design style might skew more classic or traditional. You can quickly reflect that on your front porch. There's nothing more classic than flowers during the spring. Incorporate a floral wreath on your front door. You can also add topiaries to give your porch a polished feel. Add a few patio chairs on one side of your porch. You can add pops of colors with flowers or pillows. Fall Small Front Porch Ideas You can enjoy your porch even as the weather starts to cool down. Fall is a great time to give your porch a seasonal makeover. One route you can take is embracing antique accents. Shop your local antique stores, looking for distressed wooden chairs and other metal items. You can incorporate the autumn season while including a rustic farmhouse theme. You can also create a fall-themed seating area or cozy corner on your porch. Place a bench on your porch that also doubles as a place for you to put decor. Layer throw blankets and pillows made from weather-resistant fabrics on the bench. You can also fill galvanized buckets and baskets with fall flowers. Tuck small gourds and pumpkins in various areas of your porch. Additionally, you can stack bales of hay to serve as seating. Front Porch Welcome Sign Ideas Front porch signs are a great way to introduce people to your home. You can also explore some decor stones that feature your family's last name and/or address. You can purchase a welcome sign for your front porch or make one yourself. Head to your nearby antique or thrift store to look for an old vintage sign. Old vintage signs can add personality to your front porch. You can also make a handmade wooden sign for any season. All you need is a narrow piece of wood. Paint it white and stencil it with whatever shapes, letters, or numbers you'd like. Tips for Decorating Your Front Porch Whatever design theme you choose, there are a few things to remember when decorating your porch. Our tips will help ensure the longevity of your decorations. Explore Artificial Plants Plants, especially hanging plants, can be high maintenance. You have to remember to water, feed, and nurture the plant. Additionally, you might want a plant on your front porch that isn't in season or won't do well in your climate. Artificial plants are a great way to add life to your porch without the hassle of keeping something alive. You can maintain a picture-perfect aesthetic no matter the season. Don't worry about pesky animals, like squirrels or deer, eating your beautiful plants. Experiment With Textures You might be a little nervous about using different textures inside your home. Your front porch is a great place to have a little fun when decorating. For example, try complimenting a modern planter with a string of pearls or thorny plants. You can also plant different types of plants together, such as a flower with a succulent. Using different kinds of plants creates cohesion. Measure Your Front Porch You want to ensure that you purchase the right size of items for your front porch. Measure the width, length, and height of your front porch. You can use these measurements when purchasing furniture, rugs, and additional items. Decorate in Pairs Decorating in pairs creates a sense of symmetry for your front porch. While you can play with different textures and colors, pairs create a well-curated space. Elevate Your Outdoor Space With Our Front Porch Ideas Your imagination is the only thing stopping you from creating a beautiful outdoor space. We hope our front porch ideas have given you the spark you need to start customizing your space. Take your front porch to the next level with a customized decor stone from B&B Stonework. Our stones can be customized to include any name, number, or message you'd like. Browse our selection of decor and address stones.